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postqueer home base

where all the cool kids go (for cookies)

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Provisional guidelines ('till we can all agree on something better):

We love you. We really, really love you. We're pro-you and all you stand for. Really!

We especially value your hard-won identity labels, and we will angrily poke anyone in the eye if they tell you that your personal identity is yucky or invalid.

Queer? Gay? Not at all gay? Hetero-flexible? Biracial-biqueer? Nice straight person with a few kinks? Trannyfag with a cigar fetish? Screaming queen? Garden variety fag who likes sweaters? Leatherperson who knits? Left-handed fat-positive polysexual cat-owning transactivist vegan? Boy? Boi? Girl? Grrrl? Man? Lady? Third-gendered? Non-gendered? Somethin' entirely different? None of the above? All of the above? Awesome!!!! Come in, sit down, have a cookie. We want to hear what you have to say. I bet it will be interesting!

But here's the thing: we're here because we are all really, really sick of divisive identity politics. Bummed out about communities that get so bogged down in the semantics jungle that nothing gets done. Really over the whole "divide and conquer" business. We know who we are and we're cool with whomever you might be. Sound interesting? Join us!

If you get your underclothing in a twist when someone's self-professed identity "excludes" or "oppresses" you, this is not gonna be your favorite place to hang out. If you are separatist in any - and I mean any way - you should probably put that cookie down and edge out the door sideways. This is a place for coalition, sharing, and learning, not "feeling safe." Tempers may flare, and you may get in a heated debate or called on your crap, but hopefully we can all learn a lot and go kick the ass of The Man. And, of course, have some fun in the process. Yes?

To keep everyone on track, some basic rules:

* Absolutely NO personal attacks. You can disagree until the cows come home and say whatever the hell you feel about the topic, but if your post includes personal insults, name-calling, or other petty garbage, it will be deleted. Persistent flaming gets you banned. We mean it.

* Their identity is their identity. Your identity is your identity. Try to use your "I" statements, kids, and let's all be respectful of where eachother might be coming from.

* We welcome relevant discussions about semantics, but we'd much rather talk about issues. Try to keep that in mind, OK?

* Remember that, although we aren't going to sugar-coat things for each other, words can really hurt. Let's be respectful about that.

Any questions? Ask!

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