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from Normal by Amy Bloom, on crossdressing in marriages:

There is no innate grasp of female friendship, of the female insistence on relatedness, of the female tradition of support and accommodation for one's partner and of giving precedence to the relationship overall. If you believe that these characteristics are more common to women than to men, these men do not embody them; if you don't believe it, they would argue with you. If there weren't that kind of understanding,. that kind of empathy and female bonding, rather than accessories and tapes on how to walk in heels, these guys would be unable to ask their wives to go through this crossdressing life with them, and everyone, husbands and wives, knows it. They know that if the woman insisted on wearing three-piece suits or baseball uniforms in public, and asked their husbands to accept hairy legs, hairy underarms, and jockstraps as part of their sex life, the husbands would not be rushing off to join spousal support groups while cheerfully spending the family's money on bespoke suits and expensive glue-on facial hair. The marriages would be over

p. 96

It's interesting. For a writer, Bloom has a lot of gay characters and I don't mean stock gay stereotypes. I mean subtle, nuanced, frequent queer subjectivities. So I always wondered if she was a lesbian herself or had gay kids or something cause I don't know any straight writers who frequently and skillfully use GLBTQ characters.

& Accroding to Bloom, in this Advocate interview, she has a lesbian partner (after a 30 year marriage) and has always identified as bi.

Surprising then in reading Normal to see her stereotypes regarding FTM transsexuals. She thought they would be shameful women-hating women, full of depression and self-loathing. For a member of the queer community who delves into queer lives in subtle&interesting ways, her admitted initial views of the FTM community and female desire for masculinity--in any form, I'd say, at this point--seems immature and confounding.

Anyone else read this book? The above excerpt I just found thought provoking.

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