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Friday Photo ops - questions!

OK weeners and weenettes...what are you all wearing today? I took the easy route and came as the Queen of the Fuckin' to come.

Bonus questions:
* We're only "supposed" to wear "costumes" one day of the year because this reinforces the myth that our daily clothing choices are not also "costumes." Discuss.
* Why are women's costumes so commonly "sexy" versions of everyday men's uniforms? Don't give me the easy answers, kids; let's all reallly think about this for a minute...
* Similarly why do heterosexual men so frequently take advantage of this holiday to indulge in poorly executed parodic drag? Is this a manifestation of hidden crossdressing desires, or merely a reassertion of their "inherent" masculinity?
* If you're transgendered, would you take the opportunity to crossdress as a member of your birth-assigned gender on this holiday or for other events? Why or why not?
* What makes "crossdressing" and costume in general different for straight/heteronormative/gender-normative people than for postqueers?

Happy head-scratchin'...and give me some pics, all y'all!

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