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Hey all, I want to thank
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Hey all, I want to thank <ljuser ="cattack"> for clueing me in to this community. I read the userinfo and felt like a heavenly choir began singing and I was bathed in all the love.

I'm a 3rd year grad student working on getting a PhD in Musicology. I focus on Popular Music, race, sex, sexuality, gender, politics, class...and all that goodness. I'm a biracial FtM transexual--and I play the banjo. I am not post-structuralist. I spend my time trying to encorporate the activism of 70s feminism with the respect for the matierial experiences of womanist theory with the illumination of hidden agendas under the guise of naturalism of post-structuralism, with the lets not forget the body goodness of some new trans theory. But above all I want my theory to help and apply to actual people. I want to end the irony and cynicism and get up and groove.

My current favorite book is <i>Second skins: Body Narratives of Transexuality</i> by Jay Prosser. Judith Butler is on my bad list.

Pleased to be here!

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