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[International]: On 9/23 Celebrate the "B" in LGBT

Celebrate Bisexuality Day - Tuesday September 23rd 2008

Celebrate Bisexuality Day, held on September 23 of each year puts our community on the map with its call to promote visibility and celebrate the wonderful diversity of our communities, families and lives with all sorts of great events from parties, to picnics, to discussions, dinner parties and dances.

Celebrate Bisexuality Day also called Bisexual Pride Day is held annually on September 23 [& traditionally celebrated with events through-out that week and week-end] and puts the Bisexual/Pansexual Community on the map with its call to Promote Visibility and Celebrate the Wonderful Diversity of ALL our Communities, Friends, Families, Allies and Lives with various sorts of GREAT EVENTS from Evening Potlucks, to Afternoon Picnics, from Panel Discussions to Dinner Dances and so much more.

So what are You and Your Group doing to celebrate this year? If you have a Myspace Page send BiNet USA a Comment and tell us all about what you will be doing to show your pride in your community.

Give us the Complete 411 on Who, What and Where and we will Post Your Event in the Comments area of BiNet USA's MySpace Page and help you reach out to and invite the Bisexual/Pansexual, Bi-friendly Community in your area to your event, [& remember this is the World Wide Web, so always include your City, State and Area-Code].

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