The Lizard Alien (varanus) wrote in postqueer,
The Lizard Alien

The previous post to this one is malware.

That post had comments screened, but similar posts have appeared in various communities. griffen explains it in another place:

"If you look at the most recent post in this community before this one, it has a supposed "podcast" video link in it. The poster has screened all comments so that people can't warn each other in comments, so I'm posting here.

This link is a malware link. DO NOT click on it or you will have an infested computer (if you run Windows) and a possibly infested computer (if you run a Mac). Details here:

Mods, can we block and/or delete that post and its originator? Just clicking on the supposed "video" will create a malware attack for the unfortunate who clicks on it."

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