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[NYC] Sunday 3/2: Don't let the spoilsports at AOH ruin YOUR St Pat's

Instead come join the 9th Annual multicultural & welcoming St Patrick's Parade & Irish Fair held on the afternoon of Sunday, March 2nd 2008 in the friendly multi-ethnic community of Sunnyside Queens.

"cherishing all the children of the nation equally"
from the Proclamation of the Irish Republic, Easter 1916
St. Pat's for All - the Keltic Dreamers step dance squad from PS 59 in Bronx at Sunnyside's St. Pat's for All Parade  in 2007

Hailed as "the parade the Irish should celebrate" by NY Daily News columnist Denis Hamill, it is described as "a mix of "street theater, puppets, stilt walkers, bands, ethnic and community groups, labor, religious and political contingents, banners, dancers and youth groups and is open to all New Yorkers, which means the whole human family."

It's also THE place to find NYC's City Council Speaker, proud Irishwoman and Power Lesbian About Town Christine Quinn who along with Newsman, Author and Raconteur Pete Hamill are this year's Grand Marshals.

Take a look at the "Saint Pat's for All!" website for more details, history, directions and such.

St Pat's for All! - come join the 9th Annual multicultural & welcoming St Patrick's Parade & Irish Fair held on the afternoon of Sunday, March 2nd 2008 in the friendly multi-ethnic community of Sunnyside QueensSo if this all sound like great fun but you don't know anyone to go with, we know 2 Great Groups who are looking for people to march with them . . . the Queens Chapter of PFLAG and the New York Area Bisexual Network (NYABN).

If you'd like to participate you can email Larry at: willhelp @ pflag-queens . org or willhelp @ nyabn . org and arrange to meet up in advance and all go to the parade together.

Or just meet up at 1:30 next to the Torsney Playground (aka Skillman Park) at the corner of 43rd St and Skillman Ave in Sunnyside Queens.

It is easy to get to get there by subway, (or by Shuttle-Bus if Track work is in progress). Take the number 7 Flushing line to the 40th St. stop and walk to 43rd St. and Skillman Ave.

The Sunnyside Queens Saint Patrick's Parade kicks off at 2:00 pm this Sunday will proceeded East on Skillman, then North on 56th St, then goes East on Woodside Ave and it ends at 61st St and Woodside Ave.


And for all the more politically inclined (& what Irish person isn't just a bit?), here is the 411 on the "festivities" that will be taking place on Monday March 17th on 5th Avenue & 57th Street passed along to us from all the lovely folks over at Irish Queers (who can also be found at for all you devoted myspacer's).


Fight the Right on March 17th!!!

For the 17th year in a row, Irish Queers will be protesting the New York St. Patrick's Day Parade . . . AND SO SHOULD YOU!

We realize the time and location are difficult . . . but even if you come on your lunch break we would REALLY appreciate it.

When: Monday, March 17th at 11:00am

Where: West side of Fifth Avenue @ 57th St

Why: Because Irish LGBT people exist.

Because the largest, most symbolic display of Irish American culture in the US should not be hijacked by right wing interests when in fact most Irish Americans are fairly progressive.

Because the city should not be profiting off the tax revenue gained from this homophobic, anti-choice, anti-condom event.

Because elected officials cross our picket line and march, photo-opping and collecting campaign dollars along the route.

Because police officers and firelighters are not heroes when participate in marches of hate (& yell homophobic and sexist slurs at us).

Because the marchers in this parade (elected officials, judges, police) have power over us (just look at the judge's comments in the case of the nj4!) and use this event as a platform to freely express their bigoted views of queers . . . and not just Irish ones.

Bigotry isn't Irish - resistance is! See you on Fifth Avenue on March 17th!

For more information, write to Irish Queers at irishqueers @ hotmail . com


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