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Hi there, folks.

I'm not sure quite exactly how relevant this request will be to the community, but if it's not suitable, I'll gladly delete it!

I'm trying to get a headstart on my second Sociology essay. I've got another two weeks until uni starts back, so if I can get a big chunk of this essay out of the way before we go back, I will have more time to focus on other things, thereby avoiding wasting my holiday sleeping until 3pm and watching DVDs.

Anyways, this second essay is on Gender Equality/Inequalities and I have no doubt a few of you here can point me in the direction of some articles etc. you might have found interesting in the past. At the moment, I am outlining my essay and because I'm going to be using my Sociological Imagination, I'm going to look at gender inequalities all over the joint, type thing. The core of the essay will be the state of gender in the West, specifically the UK, since I live here and whatnot, but I have to compare situations. Unsurprisingly, it's easy enough to find information about female infanticide in China and female genital mutilation in Africa, but I need some information from the other end of the spectrum, places that have fewer gender inequalities than the UK and the West, any ideas? Perhaps some tribal peoples I haven't heard of? Or some ethically upright country I've overlooked? It's for my essay, but I guess it's also kind of a pre-emptive restoration of that little section of my faith in humanity that I feel sure will be shot down by reading about the horrendous treatment of women today.

I'm going to include the boring, bog-standard statistical analysis of education and employment in the UK, so many women are employed in this area, so many females choose to do this at uni etc., but it's not easy to gather statistics about women in western culture, since it's more about how women are portrayed and alot of what I will read is probably going to be theoretical. I tried to read "Bitch" by Elizabeth Wurtzel, but obviously, because she's a coke addict and she writes like it, it's one difficult read. So anything you can link me to which deals with a similar subject matter in a less hazardously written way will be very useful to me.

And, of course, in the spirit of indepth writing, I will try to include a couple of paragraphs treading the murky waters of gender defiance and masculinism, how do some transgender people choose to protest gender inequalities? And how inaccurately are men also portrayed, what rights are taken away from men just because they are men?

I have some background knowledge on all these things but what I'm really looking for is links to journal articles, news articles, websites, books, videos, anything at all that will help me, which I can reference. Even if you just want to state an opinion (if you can reference anything which helped to form your opinion, also great!), to help clarify whatever I already have in my head or put new ideas into my head, I'd be very grateful!

Thank you very much!

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