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and in another chapter of the archaic and fading 'Gay Purity' wars . . .

. . . . could a "Gay" Spanish pinup boy actually be (gasp, shudder) Bisexual??

"it's another sad example of why overly compartmentalizing and stereotyping sexuality, on a *social* level, doesn't usually pay good dividends for queer communities"

This great quote from quirkstreet was made in reference to the current broo-ha-ha that has erupted in the gay/bi men's "Bear" community, when the current "Mr. Bear Spain", a winner of a Spanish gay men's beauty pageant may (or may not - there are issues of verifiability and translation from our understanding) have gone on Spanish TV and in the course of an interview said that he might like to have a wife and kids some day.

Whatever it turns out the man actually said, at the root of a great deal of the shouting now going on in the english-speaking world is the question --- Can a person who won a beauty pageant put on by and for a number of "Gay" men's bars & businesses not be totally, 100%, Kinsey 6 AND actually say so? In public even?

Or is this a betrayal of the "Gay Male Community", or at least that portion of it that he was elected to represent?.

Update: It turns out what is actually going on and what the contest winner Mr. Adil Doukali said and why, is actually far more interesting than people getting in a tizzy over a Gay Male Icon who might be Bi.

Read this post: Devout Muslim bear to defend Spain's title at IBR to get the real deal.

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