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[Greater NYC Area]: Seeking Interns for Feminist Sex Media Producer

NYABN is passing this request along for the lovely and talented Brooklyn multi-media author and artist Audacia Ray who is looking for a few good interns! Could one of them be you?

The time has come! After much encouragement from my friends and colleagues, I've decided that it's high time I looked for some interns to assist with my various projects, which are growing rapidly.

Although I'm sure I could keep a single intern busy for many many hours a week, I'm asking for 4-6 hours a week from a few different people to work on a variety of projects. Though these are unpaid internships, there may be a possibility for paid opportunities in the future - and unless otherwise specified you can do the job from anywhere, all it takes is a computer with connection to the internet and a phone. I'm also willing to work with you to get college credit in the spring semester as well if you want to take on more work.

Ms Audacia RayAbout me, Audacia Ray: Ms. Audacia Ray has been executive editor of $pread, a magazine by and for sex workers, for the past three years and spent a year as a contributor to the Gawker Media owned porn blog, Fleshbot. She is the author of "Naked on the Internet: Hookups, Downloads, and Cashing in on Internet Sexploration," and an internationally acclaimed director/producer whose first feature length porno, "The Bi Apple," won a Feminist Porn Award for "Hottest Bisexual Scene" in 2007. She curates bimonthly erotic art shows at Arena Studios in New York. 

About Waking Vixen Productions (WVP): Waking Vixen Productions (WVP) creates sex positive media and culture that gets people thinking, but is also sexy and fun. In association with Adam & Eve Pictures, the company produced "The Bi Apple," a bisexual feature porn film that became a best-seller immediately after its release in February 2007. WVP has also been responsible for a variety of sex positive events including art show openings (Sex Worker Visions I & II at The LGBT Center, March 2006 and Arena Studios, May 2007), parties (The Bi Apple launch party at the Pussycat Lounge, March 2007), erotic readings (NYC Perverts Saloon at Galapagos, April 2006), panel discussions (The State of Smut: NYC at CineKink, October 2006).

$pread Magazine is an independent publication by and for sex workers and their allies in the sex industry.Requirements for All Interns: Excellent writing skills, interest in and comfort with gender and sexuality a must, a basic understanding of social networking and online content. A big plus: graphic design, new media skills.

4-6 hours a week to start, you can do this job from home, must have computer and internet connection. I am located in NYC but with the exception of the film production internship you don't have to be.

* PR/event planning: Help promote events I'm already working on and create new ones, and help assemble a press kit. Develop relationships with sponsors and media, pro-actively help me pursue speaking engagements at colleges, universities and other venues. Familiarity with NYC media helpful, but the focus will be a combination of local and national events.

* Film Production Assistant (must be in NYC): May include tasks like location scouting, casting, budgeting in pre-production phase and will develop as production progresses. Must be excited about/comfortable with dealing with explicit content.

* Research intern: Assist me in the early stages of research on my next book project. Requires creativity in research and comfort with libraries and academic databases.

In addition to my needs listed here, I'm open to suggestion if you have specific ideas for projects.

TO APPLY: send your resume (non-traditional resumes and portfolio websites are encouraged) and a writing sample (can be either academic or a form of popular writing - blog posts are welcome), along with a cover letter in the body of your email. Also feel free to give me links to any online projects or social media profiles so I can learn more about you.

Once again folks yes, all the position are unpaid but great for really learning how things actually work, networking and adding to your resume. Also though I have no affiliation with any College or University, if you do, I would be happy to fill out paperwork, etc. so that you can turn it into an independent study project and get college credits.

Please send all correspondence to me, Audacia Ray at dacia (at) wakingvixen (dot)  com and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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