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Sorry to post something so NYC-specific, but this seemed like a good place to get the word out. Please feel free to repost this anywhere you think it should be shared.


Do you know that the Lesbian Sex Mafia's party etiquette requires some transwomen to keep their genitals covered during our play parties? The current party etiquette reads:

"If you have a bio-penis, please keep it covered."
(-LSM Website, November 15, 2007)

We are a group of cisgender, genderqueer and transgender LSM members and allies who believe this policy needs to be struck down. LSM stands for safe, sane, consensual and confidential sex and play for ALL women – past, present and future. If you're interested in learning more and joining us, write your contact information below.

You can help make LSM a place that welcomes all women.

* This document was revised by collective agreement by the folks present at the first Strategy/Interest meeting on November 26, 2007.

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