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Connecticut [in Hartford]: 6th Annual Transgender Day of Remembrance

Candlelight Procession & Vigil on the Capitol Steps

DATE: Nov 20, 2007


LOCATION: Gather at the First Presbyterian Church, 136 Capitol Avenue, Hartford then Walk to Capitol for the Vigil

DETAILS: Candlelight Procession to the CT Capitol steps, followed by brief introduction by Rev Terry Davis, of First Presbyterian Church, Rev Cornell Lewis of the Men of Color Initiative, Dr. Lillian Ruiz Director Hartford Office of Human Relations, Hartford Councilperson Pedro Segarra and Jerimarie Liesegang followed by a Remembrance of Names.

Ceremony of Remembrance & Reception at MCC Hartford

DATE: Nov 20, 2007

TIME: 7:15 PM

LOCATION: MCC/Hartford, 155 Wyllys Street, Parish House, Hartford

DETAILS: Indoor Remembrance with Introduction by Pastors Rev Julio Flores and Rev George Chien, MCC Choir, Community Speakers including Staci Hunter, Robin McHaelen of True Colors, Sara Feral, Diana Lombardi and Regina Dyton, Song by Eve Christian Reading of Names and Opportunities for Activism and Commitment.

For more information visit: or or
call (860) 983-8139 or email at dor (at) transadvocacy (dot) org

Download flyer at

Download day of program at

PS & before you all ask, "why the late posting?" we JUST found out about this ourselves

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