Bo. (burnthatwitch) wrote in postqueer,

I wonder if anyone here could give me a firm shove in the direction of any journal articles/research papers/studies/books/chapters in books which talk in sociological terms about heterophobia?

My essay is to use my sociological imagination to discuss the reasons behind homophobia. My sociological imagination is currently theorising that religion is used as a pretext for homophobic behaviours and that homophobia is actually rooted in a subconcious awareness that orientation is or can be fluid, that homophobes are scared of being changed by close proximity to homosexuals. I want to study this inside out, which is why I'm looking for articles on heterophobia, since articles about homophobia are already in abundance. I have found an article about measuring the penile circumference of homophobic and nonhomophobic men when they're shown various types of porn! (Here is the link for those of you who are interested : ) Though it's so graphic that I almost don't want to reference it in my first sociology essay of my first year of university, I'm sure I will be able to cite some of the findings to back up the theories in my essay. But to back up my argument that orientation phobias (not quite sure how else to word that) are not exclusively found in heterosexuals, that it's fundamentally a fear of change more than anything else, I need articles on heterophobia. Or indeed anything else you think may help me out. I don't intend to discuss the religious aspect very much, but any articles which I can refer back to on that subject would also be helpful.

Compared to alot of what I've seen on here, I realise that this theory isn't digging very deep and may seem glaringly obvious to some/most of you already. Please feel free to discuss or debate what I've said, try to put new perspectives in my head, etc. 


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