averageeverydaysanepsychosupergoddess (ilovemycosmo) wrote in postqueer,

the gay reality show craze

what are everyone's thoughts on it? i jsut read an article in teh village voice about queer eye for the straight guy which pretty much lambasted the show for reinforcing stereotypes about gay men. while i totally agree that both taht show and boy meets boy-the gay reality dating show where in the style of the bachelor? the gay guy has to sift through 20 guys or whatever before picking the right dude i guess, the catch of course is that he doesn't know that some of these guys are actually straight. a show like that is obviuosly one where america has to use her gaydar to figure out who's gay on the show.

while i personally have an issue with both shows, i kind of like the fact that they exist,(and if you're really into the silly girly/trading spaces type stuff, the queer eye show is essentially five shows in one-kills alot of time, and perhaps even saves brain cells,lol) however, one could say the same about stereotypical black television-and look how far that has gotten us....

so i guess in my rambling i'm asking now that gay men are becoming more visible on television programming-is this progress even if it is aiding in creating a heterosexist cookie cutter view of gay men?

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