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Queer CUNY VIII has been rescheduled-- December 1st

Queer CUNY VIII, The Twilight of Queerness?, has been moved to December 1st. This will give you more time to organize a presentation or paper.

Hunter College, NYC
Keynote Speaker: Lisa Duggan
December 1st

Too much contemporary Queer/LGBT political activism and scholarship is bogged down by bitterly dichotomous academic disputes. The marriage/anti-marriage and relational/anti-relational debates, for instance, wildly miss a larger political and intellectual potential for queer studies to be a project that breaks apart and surpasses ideological binaries.

Queer CUNY VIII: The Twilight of Queerness? is a student conference that seeks to end reductionist political discourse. The organizers contend that the original possibilities of queer theory, while inspiring, have not been fully realized, and aim to provide more than just space in which to consider this quandary. Instead, the conference will encourage queer students, activists, teachers, community members, and others to imagine life and scholarship beyond the limits of ongoing dichotomy and division.

The organizers seek presenters who are working in relation to queer studies in terms that speak to a forum without national boundaries, that reimagine gender taxonomy and make significant attempts to reshape both the terms of queer scholarship and current political scenery.

Anyone who is interested in attending the conference and/or helping produce it should email Taylor at

Apologies for the reposting, but I wanted to get the most recent information out there!

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