smnordmarken (smnordmarken) wrote in postqueer,

Are you in a queer triad?

My name is Sunny. I am a graduate student in the Human Sexuality Studies program at San Francisco State University. For my master’s thesis, I am conducting research on polyamory. The aim of my study is to explore how people in queer polyamorous triads experience love in their relationships. I am in search of individuals in self-identified queer, long-term (one year or longer), polyamorous triads to participate. Being involved in my study will entail participating in an individual 45-90 minute interview on your experiences of love in the triad, in a comfortable and private location convenient for both of us.

If you are currently in a long-term (one year or longer) triad relationship and are interested in participating in the study, please contact me!

I can be reached at:

Thank you,
Sunny Nordmarken

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