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Pride Essay: Why I am marching!

I'm marching because I'm scared.

I'm scared because people still feel that serial monogamy is better than polyamory.

I am scared because there are so many people in the LGBT community that are at each others throats.

I'm scared because I was only 4 blocks away when Kevin Aviance was attacked and if I have went west instead of east I might have saved him.

I'm scared because the general populace believes that bisexuality is a phase, be they straight or gay.

I'm scared because there are some gay people no . . . a lot of gay people that are either ashamed or disgusted by effeminate men.

The Dandy Man ( out Bi Stand-Up Comic & MC at NYC's 2006 Poly Pride PicnicI'm scared because there is a young tranny that is taking street hormones or even worse.. staring at themselves crying with scissors in their hands cutting off something other than their hair.

I'm scared because people forget that FTM transgendered people need love too, *hugs to Villian and Kyle*

I'm scared because so many people in the LGBT community hate on drag queens. They are true warriors of our community. They get up on stage and help us forget the outside. From Lady Bunny to Peppermint Gummybear and from Mo B. Dick to Murray Hill I thank you so much and to Kevin Aviance I'll do what I can to make sure that you or anyone else goes thru what you did ever again.

I'm scared because I actually stole something in the military in ordered to get discharged because I was afraid of what my brothers in arms or my family would say if they knew about me and I have been living that lie ever since.

I am scared because this is my first time marching and not seeing it on the side-lines . . . . . where it's 'safe'.

I'm scared because even though we are marching for our rights here in New York City there are people that hear Stonewall and think a confederate general and not the sparks of freedom, that they have never seen a pride flag or never felt pride in themselves.

I am scared because most of my childhood and half of my teen years, I thought I was confused. Now I know that I am bisexual and it's ok regardless of what others might think, say, preach or prescribe.

I'm scared because a single comic strip in my mid-teens was the barrier between survival till pay-check and medication at bed-check, (thanks so much, Allen, Glen, Nathan, Sky and Soiree)

I am scared because I thought that I could never be in a committed relationship without somehow at some point in time cheat or chronically mate n break, I didn't know there was a choice c.

I'm scared because there are so many people that I love that I haven't met yet that might be at the march. and due to bashers, the religious reich (not a typo I ASSURE YOU), and other factors this could be my chance, my only and last chance to say hello and hopefully not good bye.

I'm scared because I am not the only one with the above thoughts.

I march because no one should have to think like that.

I march for those who wish they could but are afraid.

I march for those whose only viewing of a pride flag is in a magazine hidden underneath their magazine which is hidden underneath their mattress.

I march to say 'thank you' to people Like Charles Nelson Riley, Rip Taylor, Paul Lynde, Scott Thompson, Peter Paige, John Inman, Wilson Cruz and so many others that don't care about what people say about them because they know they look good. And helping me find the strength to do the same. with my own stand-up comedy I will hopefully spread the love of those that are with us and for those who are up there with God, that fat, black lesbian in the sky, margaritas for us, I hope to do you proud.

I march because I don't want to be remembered for what I fight for, but what I fight for to be remembered.

I march because I shouldn't have to . . .

if you're in the NYC Tri-state area please join me!
this Sunday June 24th - Section 11: Bi/Polly Groups line-up 1 pm on 54th Street btwn 6th & 7th in NYC

This wonderful LGBT Pride essay is X-Posted with permission from The Dandy Man, NYC's own bi stand-up comedian & MC extraordinaire. Those of you who attended last year's NYC's Poly Pride Picnic may remember him as your talented MC.


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