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And back in the "real world"...

This is one of the worst attempts at journalism I've seen in a while. The Daily Mail is a UK paper with a huge readership but seen by anyone with an ounce of sense as a homophobic, racist, hate-mongering piece of crap. But still some people really think this kind of stuff and I forget this, constantly.

I can't forgive my daughter for being gay

One mother tells of her battle to face the truth

When I look back at the photos of Sarah as a little girl, I can't help but feel sad. She was so pretty. In one she is standing in a dress and Wellington boots, looking such a picture with her blonde curly hair. In another, she is at school with her long hair in pigtails.
I must admit that I went home and cried. It wasn't that I had anything against homosexuals: it was simply that it wasn't what I wished for my own child.
I do tell people that Sarah is gay - and they only have to see her to guess. But it's not something I bring up with every stranger because it's a conversation stopper.

For example, it makes polite conversation at a dinner party difficult. When I tell people that my other daughter Heather is married, people can ask about whether she has children and how old they are.

But once you've told someone your daughter is gay, you can see them flailing around, desperately searching for the right words.

I had a look at the author's other posts, and guess what! There's one about polyamory too.

Unfaithful? No, I just have too much love for one man

It's hardly the sort of stable or moral environment one might wish for Oscar and his younger brother Archie. But even more shocking is that this whole sordid arrangement is being dressed-up as an 'acceptable' middle-class practice, known as polyamory.
One morning, as her baby played at her feet, Sarah was surfing the net when she 'accidentally' clicked onto a website which explained the 'principles' behind polyamory.

This is middle england. I think the main thing I don't udnerstand about it is why can;t people just fuck off out other people's realtionships? I heartily reccomend reading the whole articles, while this kinda thing you can expect from tabloids (not that its better) just the face this is portrayed as 'serious journalism' makes me so angry.


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