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A video and angst sandwich!!! hehehee...emoburger

I know this is borderline heresy, but look me in the eyes and tell me that the second song in this clip (aprox. -2.00) doesn't want to make ya wail on that guy. I can honestly say I've never wanted to beat up on a disabled person, even the self proclaimed Nazi who kept trying to gope me in the elevator a few years ago, but these guys take it just to far.

Other then that blatantly offensive song, I think it's pretty cool that these guys got on TV and were allowed to perform. But Jesussaurus rex it really makes me wonder what they were thinking.

Maybe I'm all hostile since I got turned down my a girl I've had an awful crush on due to my lack of vagina. She's the kind of girl who almost makes the years of work, the immense cost, the risks of failure and the pain of bottom surgery seem like a good idea. Honestly, if I knew that was really the only issue standing between us I'd head to Thailand right after a massive bank heist, she's that amazing...

It still bugs the hell out of me that I can't be THAT angry at the incestuous IrRev. Phelps wanting to make a riot at the funeral of Falwell (may he rest in the arms of a very gay Telletubbie!) I'm still bewildered on the exact differences are between these guys but what ever, there are some things in hell and earth...

And on a lighter (maybe, i did cry a little while watching it) is The Origin of Love from Hedwig and the Angry Inch!!!


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