eeka (eeka13) wrote in postqueer,

Looking for info on LGBTQ+ mental health programs anywhere in the world

Hi everyone. As part of a proposal I'm putting together, I'm wanting to compile information about residential and/or day treatment programs serving self-identified queer individuals with major mental illness. These can be acute treatment programs, staffed residences, supported housing/outreach programs, or any type of day programs. These can be programs serving anyone who identifies as queer, or can be limited to a more specific demographic.

I'm aware of plenty of community counseling centers providing therapy for queer people who don't tend to have disablities, but have only found a few residential/day programs that serve queer people with major mental illness (in most of the U.S., this would be people who are clients of the Deparmtent of Mental Health or equivalent state agency, receive Medicaid/Medicare, might receive SSI/SSDI, etc.) So, I need more information about the places that are geared toward people with major mental illness.

If anyone knows of such a program, please comment with the name and location and any contact info you might know (website would be great). Thanks so much!

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