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Call for Submissions - Bisexual Women of Color Essays

Bi Women of Colour Essay Submission Guidelines

Submission Deadline Has been Extended to August 31, 2007
Note: Early submissions are encouraged and will be greatly appreciated.

The Essay portion:

The goal of this book is to provide insight into the lives of bisexual women of colour and increase our visibility in order to promote understanding of our experiences, desires, and individual outlook on life.

Essays can be anywhere from 2-10 pages long and should include the following information. When writing, please try to include as many specific stories and life experiences as possible and as you feel comfortable sharing:

  1. The region in which you currently reside; a city and state will be sufficient.

  2. How long have you known that you are bisexual, and how you came to realize that you are bisexual.

  3. What does being bisexual mean to you? This can include your specific definition of bisexuality, how you express your bisexuality in and outside of your romantic and platonic relationships.
  4. A brief description of your ethnicity, how you believe your ethnicity affects your experience as a bi woman, and how you do believe your specific ethnic community views bisexuality.

  5. How do you feel about the bi women of colour community? Do you feel like you are part of a bi community, and why?

  6. As a bi woman of colour, how do you see our role and visibility in the greater bi community in general? What do bi women of colour need to do to increase our visibility and acceptance in our culture?

  7. Have you experienced biphobia, and if so, please describe the details of your experiences with biphobia and your views on why you believe individuals are biphobic.

  8. How does racism play a role, if any, in your experiences as a bisexual woman of colour?

  9. If you are a parent, do you feel that being a bi woman of colour influences your parenting? If you do not currently have children, if you plan to or would like to have children, will being a bi woman of colour influence your parenting in any way? If so, how?

  10. How has your familial upbringing affected your self identity as a bi woman of colour?

The following is a list of topics and information about yourself that you can feel free to discuss in your essay depending on your comfort level:

  1. Are you out as bisexual? Please explain why you are or are not out, and if you are only out to specific people in your life, why are you only out to these people?

  2. Please share your romantic relationship history; what has your experience been with your partners/lovers as a bisexual woman of colour.

  3. How comfortable are you with your sexuality? Are you satisfied with your sex life? What do you look for in a partner and/or lover romantically and sexually?

  4. Do you feel as if the lesbian, gay and transgender community is inclusive and supportive of bi women, and specifically bi women of colour?

  5. How does your identity as a bi woman of colour affect your political and social views?

  6. How are you involved in the LGBT community?

  7. Please describe how your career and career goals are affected by your identity as a bi woman of colour.

  8. What are your hopes and goals for bi women of colour as a community in the near future?

Please feel free to share any other thoughts, criticisms, history, dreams, predictions, etc. that you would like to include in your essay. This is our forum to show the world what our many essential contributions and strengths are, and what makes us as bi women of colour so wonderful!

If any editing is done on your essay, it will be sent back to you for your review and approval before it is published. You may also feel free to add content or edit during this process as well.

Please submit your essay in a Microsoft Word document by email to my attention at the following email address: BrooklynTherapist (at) yahoo (dot) com.

Please also include the following information with your submission for proper credit and identification purposes:

  • Name as you will like it to be published (you may use a pen name-if you wish to use only a first name, please specify)

  • Email address

  • Phone Number

  • Mailing Address

Please feel free to contact me by email at BrooklynTherapist (at) yahoo (dot) com or by phone at 917.497.9922 at any time with any questions.

Many thanks to you all again for your participation; I am looking forward to working with you on this wonderful project.

Peace and blessings,
Vanessa Brown

P.S. – I am currently working on the surveys and will be sending them shortly to everyone who has expressed interest in participating.

Please also be aware of the Bisexual Writers Association, a group of interest to authors in the Bisexual Community. This association includes writers in all genres from fiction to journalism to plays to poetry to TV and movie scripts to erotica to non-fiction, etc.

The Bisexual Writers Association provides a forum for bi writers to network with each other, increase awareness of our writing within the bi community, promote our writing in the LGBT community and to use our word power to dispel myths and stereotypes about bisexuality in both the gay and mainstream press and to help the “gay press” truly become the LGBT press.”

To join their ListServ please send an email to: biwriters-subscribe (at) yahoogroups (dot) com

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