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GenderQueer Revolution at Trans Leadership Summit: 1) Workshops and 2) Coffeetalk

3/25/07 - GenderQueer Revolution at Trans Leadership Summit, at USC. (Please forward to others!)

Trans Leadership Summit Co-Sponsored in Part by GenderQueer Revolution. Check out GQR events throughout the Summit!
i.) GenderQueer Revolution, LA Chapter welcomes you to Coffeetalk on Sunday, March 25.
ii.) Check out presentations by GenderQueer Revolution representatives throughout the Summit. Check schedule for details.

(Please distribute widely. Thank you.)

This month only! GenderQueer Revolution, Los Angeles' Coffeetalk will be at USC as part of the Trans Leadership Summit, from 1-3PM! (Next Coffeetalks: 4/22, 5/27, 6/24 at our regular time and location, Cafe Tropical from 12-2 PM.)

GenderQueer Revolution Los Angeles Chapter's Coffeetalk

Get sustenance for your gender-fabulous Self!

For the month of March ONLY, GenderQueer Revolution LA's Coffeetalk will be part of the Transgender Leadership Summit, Leaders Working Together for Equality, the 2nd Annual Transgender Leadership Summit, March 23-25, 2007, at the Topping Center at University of Southern California, Los Angeles.

FREE REGISTRATION! Make sure to register today! For more information about the Summit, go HERE for more information including the schedule, and to register.

GQR's Coffeetalk will be taking place on the last day of the Summit, Sunday, March 25, from 1-3PM. (FTM Alliance members can leave at 1:30 for Guys Chat).

For directions to the Summit, go to the USC website.

This month we will discuss how we as genderqueer, gender-fabulous, gender-gifted people integrate the rest of our lives with our genders. We might also talk about how ___-queerness goes beyond gender-, but into all the other elements of who we are, including race, ethnicity, philosophy, class, religion, age, language, and creed.

How do we process reexamination and recreation of our life narratives, gender and otherwise? The stories that others assign to us (and that sometimes we assign to ourselves), the details of supreme importance to us in our narratives for whatever conscious or unconscious reasons, the areas that divert from or align with well-known or well-rehearsed narratives - how do we make sense of it all? How do we value our unique narratives without shame and fear?

The Los Angeles Chapter of GenderQueer Revolution usually has Coffeetalk at Cafe Tropical, (on the corner of Sunset and Parkman in Silverlake), a friendly Cuban bakery with some of the best coffee in LA in a large, comfortable back room where we can freely talk, connect, and find sustenance for our gender-gifted souls.

Suggested donation of $2

Can't make it to Southern California? Whether or not you have a GQR chapter in your location, we want to invite you to the GQR-LA chat! We have been developing even better ways in which we can include our worldwide community, such as telephone conference, video conference, various kinds of IM, and so forth. Do you have an idea for how we can make GQR-LA's Coffeetalk more interactive and inclusive? Let us know! We want to launch our new interactive chat as soon as possible, and our Tech Team wants to hear from YOU.

More details of all the exciting developments, events, and other things GQR has planned for 2007, coming soon, or write us at Interact with other uniquely gender-gifted individuals at The GQR MySpace and at our online discussion group.

At last count...GenderQueer Revolution has

OVER 1300 MySpace FRIENDS,

Fellow revolutionaries who believe in gender-gifted, gender-fabulous space and the unique gift of gender in each and every Being.
Also, we wanted to express our sincerest thanks to everyone who have been leaving such wonderful, heartfelt comments. Your comments and messages
just confirm what we know, what drives us and motivates us in the work, that many others feel as we feel and see what we see, and want to
connect with the worldwide movement of individuals who share their heart cry.

Viva La Revolucion, indeed

-GenderQueer Revolution Board
Mike/Michelle Dennis, Treasurer
Rabbi Levi, Secretary
Alexander D. Roberto Jose. S.Z. Yoo, MA, President

"A great revolution in just one single individual will help achieve a change in the destiny of a society and, further, will enable a change in the destiny of humankind." -Daisaku Ikeda
"Revolution is not the uprising against preexisting order, but the setting up of a new
order contradictory to the traditional one" -Jose Ortega y Gasset
"A great many people think they are thinking when they are really rearranging their prejudices." -William James
"The uncreative mind can spot wrong answers, but it takes a very creative mind to spot wrong questions." -Antony Jay

© Copyright 2007, GenderQueer Revolution


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