EthnoAudrey (ethnoaudrey) wrote in postqueer,

LJ study

A friend of mine suggested that I post in this community – any help would be greatly appreciated.

I am a doctoral candidate at Teachers College Columbia University. This semester, I will be conducting research for my doctoral dissertation on the educational, social, and cultural significance of LiveJournal.

I am looking for eight (8) people who post actively on LJ (a minimum of three times per week) to volunteer. Each participant will be asked to add me as a friend for observation only, complete an online questionnaire, and to engage in a half-hour interview via Instant Messenger. The study will run for four months, from January 10, 2007 – May 10, 2007.

This study has been approved by the Columbia Institutional Review Board; anyone interested in helping me out should email me at for more information (please do not comment here). Full details of the study are listed in my user profile. In accordance with the requirements of the IRB, all participants must be at least 18 years old.

Thanks so much for reading this!

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