Calysto du Masque (calysto) wrote in postqueer,
Calysto du Masque

Elton John Blasts Religion

So Elton John wants religion banned... [link] ...because followers are encouraged to hate gays. According to the article, John said religion only works to chastise homosexuality and convince people it's wrong. "It turns people into really hateful lemmings and it's not really compassionate."

Well I sympathize to a point, because I, like all queers, have been rejected by most world religions.

However, an important part of being a tolerant person is to be tolerant of religion.

I'm proud to be a Buddhist, for many reasons, but also because it does not condemn homosexuality. (proof that gay-friendly religions do exist) But even religions which do condemn homosexuality are valid points of view. (even if wrong) We'll never change anyone's mind by urging the banning of religion. I hope Elton John was being facetious.

People must feel free to believe whatever they choose... up until the point where they act.

If we can't be tolerant of their points of view they'll never be tolerant of ours.

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