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City University of Hong Kong, Videotage, and the Hong Kong Arts Development Council present:

Genderfluxxxors Uncoded : the FTM Supornova

Tobaron Waxman presents a performance/lecture on the history of the FTM erotic image in film and video. This presentation will sample moments in film/video history which construct a “trans-sexual” gaze.

Hong Kong: Videotage "Hong Kong Salon Sexxchanges"

a symposium convened by Dr. Katrien Jacobs.

"Hong Kong Salon Sexxchange is a symposium where artists, curators, and scholars discuss new trends in sexuality, digital media networks, and how societal changes are reflected in public culture.

Hong Kong Salon Sexxchange views sexuality as sites of exchange, aiming to present seminal art works and visions by international and local artists.

Why do we need a Sexxchange Salon in Hong Kong? New strands of explicit imaging, pornography, gender fluidity, and sex ‘chat’ have become fashionable through global media networks and international art circuits. Hong Kong is a cosmopolitan yet “sex shy” society in need of public culture and provocative art. This salon is a much needed venue for art and discussion, a novelty space for sharing ideas, stories, performative gestures and audio-visual displays.

Hong Kong Salon Sexxchange will encourage audiences to explore and interact with, and react to, web-romance, transgender identity and sex change, vitality and death wish in sex art, erotic spirituality, double-morality and censorship in government policies. Since these themes are provocative for the “general” public yet popular with the “wired generation,” we will strive for total inclusion and publicize our program widely to art circles, university students and faculties, queer communities, pop audiences, and geriatric bureaucrats."

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