neil (satyrica) wrote in postqueer,

reasons this community exists 101

I'm in Sydney, Oz at the mo and there's been a catty and unconstructive [my opinion] debate raging through the letters pages of the gay press here for the last four or five weeks now about the use of 'queer' as a term to talk about the LGBTTIQ community in general, very much in a 'describe yourself as that if you must but how dare you use it about a community that includes me' vein.

Two things that struck me: one was the level of nuance in that the publications themselves are liberally peppered with queer used as a synonym for gay in a manner that no-one objects to, but when an anti-homophobia activist group used queer with a certain ideological deliberation it sparked some clearly pretty strong feelings. It almost seems like it's okay to call it the queer community so long as you're not thinking too hard about it. The second was simply the level of anger apparently generated: have others experienced strong negative reactions to either identifying as queer or identifying as being part of a queer community?

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