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NYC Bi Speakers Bureau presents: Why is bisexuality so misunderstood?

Why is bisexuality so misunderstood? This presentation will separate myths from realities and stereotypes from facts.

We will explore sexual & emotional attraction for people of more than one gender, differentiating sexual orientation, identity, behaviour and fantasy and discussing monogamy vs. polyamory, biphobia and pathways to bisexual identity (gay to bisexual, straight to bisexual, bisexual from childhood or adolescence).

Discussion will also explore the politics and practice of inclusion, how media coverage influences attitudes towards bisexual people and how we can have an impact. The bisexual world-view as an illuminating vision with potential to build bridges, blur boundaries and heal splits between heterosexual and homosexual, female and male, sexual and spiritual.

Presenters: Sheela Lambert, Vanessa Brown, Paul Nocera
Handouts provided.

When: Wednesday, October 25th 2006 7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

Where: Columbia University/Barnard College: Altschul Atrium at Altschul Hall
3009 Broadway (on Barnard College Campus, right across the street from main Columbia Campus)
New York NY 10027

Directions: The main entrance to Barnard is on the West side of Broadway between 116th and 121st (it's basically where Broadway *would* intersect 117th, if the street extended that way). Once you're inside the gates, look for Altschul Hall.

This event is Free and Open To the Public

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