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I'm Negative!

Last week, I attended a conference entitled "Envisioning Our Future: A New Look at Gay and Bi Men's Sexual Health."

During this conference, someone brought up the important point that when we get tested for HIV/AIDS, we tend to take in the information, share it only when we are pursing sex or relationships, but never really celebrate it.

And it is cause for celebration... because despite what you might have read in popular media, the leading population seroconverting are MSM (men who have sex with men... because having sex with a man does not a gay man make... yeah, that's right. You can't make him love you if he don't... although he may fuck you like he does...) and the leading age population is 30-39 -- which is my age group.

So, Sydney (highyella) and I went out to celebrate and I brought myself a gift from Babeland. (Woohoo!)

But really, I wanted to let you all know so you could celebrate with me, giving me a reason to feel that this is good and resolve to "keep up the good work" or to even "be/do better" so that I don't become seropositive for HIV/AIDS.

In conclusion, get tested folks. It doesn't matter whether you are in the main category or not because this dis-ease knows very few barriers. Know your status and your partner's status and your friends... be there for them no matter what. Together, maybe, we can see the end of this dis-ease in our lifetime.

The conference was amazing and there is LOADS I could actually say about and may actually say... rest assured, I will use my blog.



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