hobbledehoy (hobbledehoy) wrote in postqueer,

searching for symbology (&c.)

we'll probably end up having to design something of our own, but i figured i'd ask here first to see if you had any ideas.

i'm currently working on a website and general makeover for a department i'm involved in at my college. note out-of-date website. note incorrect claim. note general sadness in terms of function as a website. yay queer studies (incidentally, do you guys think we should go "queer studies" or "lgbt studies"?).

i'm also going to be working on print materials for the same program. but i'm stuck, absolutely stuck, as to where to work from image-wise. i don't know if images of people would be good (always the potential of excluding someone or everone), and i can't think of any symbols that are appropriate. can you? i kind of want to move past cliche queer symbols.

so. fantastic, timely and appropriate symbols?

yeah, i didn't think so.

also, what would you, yes you, want out of a department website? i asked on asktheinternet a while ago, but i'm wondering if any of you who are here and not there have fantastic ideas as well.

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