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In Different Hues

September meeting of the NYC Area Bisexual Meetup Group

If you're bisexual, bi-curious, or bi-friendly, this is the place for you!
Come hang out and make new friends with other bisexuals in the New York area.

We welcome anyone and everyone who is, has been, or might be bi, as well as people who think bisexuals are cool folk to hang out with. We meet for dinner once a month to talk about love, sex, commitment, honesty, polyamory, monogamy, cooking, computer geekery, books and pretty much anything else that comes to mind.

The Meetups are not a "meat market", nor are they a gateway to a wild world of orgies and partner-swapping. They exist to provide a warm and welcoming sense of community to bi, bi-curious, and bi-friendly people in the New York area. To support this goal, we ask that you refrain from posting personal ads and overtly sexual messages on
our message board. At the Meetups themselves, behave as you would at any other informal dinner party.

Please leave your preconceptions at the door and come prepared to have a relaxed good time in a fun, social, no-pressure atmosphere.

Our next get together </a> will be held on Friday, September 1st, 2006 at 7:00 PM at Westway Diner located near NYC's Theater District on Restaurant Row at 614 Ninth Avenue [between 43rd and 44th]. RSVP.

Future Meetups will take place at other locations around the city to be accessible to as many members as possible, but we hope those who aren't in the immediate area will join us as well.

Please feel free to post suggestions for future Meetup venues to the message board.

The Especially in a large urban area such as NYC there is a lot going on for bisexual people, but it is sometimes hard for people from one part of the bisexual community to find out about what is happening somewhere else.
The New York Area Bisexual Network (NYABN) is a central communications network for bisexual & bi-friendly groups, event and resources in New York City and the surrounding Tri-State area. Please visit our main
Website, our MySpace page or call us at 212.459.4784 to find out what is happening in and around YOUR community.

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