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Courageous Sarasota FL Christian psychologist says idea of "Curing" sexuality wrong

Here is a COPY of a 'Letter to the Edior' originally sent to the Herald Tribune a newspaper serving Southwest Florida published on August 11th, 2006 12:00AM that was brought to our attention by the Bisexual Resource Center (BRC)

TAKE ACTION: Please read the letter and then note that there is an Icon on the upper left hand side of the original online news-page suitable for use for sending your OWN 'Letter To the Editor' in support of this courageous and truly "Christian" - in the finest sense of the word, therapist.

May we suggest lots of us use it to send letters of support/agreement 'cause you all KNOW this person is going to get creamed by the fundamentalist hate squads!


Regarding the letter Wednesday about ALSO Out Youth in Sarasota receiving some community funding:

Christian Sunrise Cross for LJ & MySpace EntryAs a Christian, psychologist and sex educator, I must take exception to the letter claiming that homosexuals have been "healed" of their sexual orientation.

Human sexuality is on a continuum, with complete heterosexuality at one extreme, exclusive homosexuality at the other and bisexuality in the middle. An almost infinite number of gradations fall between the extremes.

Absolute heterosexuals are only sexually attracted to members of the opposite sex. Absolute homosexuals are only sexually attracted to members of their own sex. Absolute bisexuals are equally attracted to either sex, and they are the only people in the world who have a choice about their sexuality.

A bisexual, for reasons of religious, familial or cultural pressure, may choose to live as an absolute heterosexual and be happy with the decision. But no absolute homosexual has ever been cured of homosexuality, any more than any absolute heterosexual has ever been cured of heterosexuality.

Furthermore, the idea that homosexuality is a moral sin abhorrent to Christianity is a gross distortion of Christ's teachings. It was Paul, the converted Pharisee, who had a problem with homosexuality, and it is Paul who is always quoted on the topic. But Paul also had a problem with sex in general, grudgingly saying that it was better to marry than to burn.

Jesus never uttered a word about homosexuality. Had he been asked, I suspect his answer was the one we rarely quote: "What is that to you?"

Blaize Clement
Sarasota FL

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