maria (tigrrrlilee) wrote in postqueer,

thought i'd get some input, as the folks on this community always say rather intelligent things.

I'm looking into grad schools to do queer media studies, and my advisor is starting me off looking around for queer (media) theorists that I might have the actual ability to work with. Maybe I'm just being shortsighted, but the only queer theorists I can think of who touch upon media are susan stryker and judith halberstam, and I can't work with Judith Halberstam, as she's in English, and my degree is interdisciplinary and definitely not focused upon the english. I have some american cultural studies, film/media studies (from a queer and racial background), some women's and queer history, and a *little* bit of glbt literature. Susan Stryker does largely trans theory as far as I can tell, and while that's delightful (and she wrote a very amusing book on queer pulp fiction) I'm hoping to do something a bit less specific than just trans theory.

Any ideas?

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