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Volunteer Request & Reminder Information

Volunteers Needed for Femme2006

We're fast approaching Pride Season, and Femme2006 is asking for some help getting information about this fantastic conference out into queer communities. As you may know, this conference is a grass-roots, homegrown effort with a teeny-tiny budget. Since we don't have a global national media machine (phew!), are entirely self-funded, and we are really invested in grass-roots organizing, we thought we'd put a call out there for help getting the word out to anyone with access to the internet and a printer/copier!

What we need: folks to hand out quarter sheets at local community queer/pride events. We have the fliers, we'll post them online and give you a link with a FAQ and easy-to-follow directions. You then print them out and copy as many as you can and distribute them at your local pride/community event!

What you'd need: access to the internet, a printer/copier, and scissors.

If you can help, please contact our Volunteer Chair on the website: Volunteer Chair (you do not have to be a registered conference volunteer to do this: select "other" in the volunteer for dropdown menu and write "flier distribution" and the area/event you'll be covering in the "tell us about yourself" section).

Also: remember to register now before the rate goes up Register Here! We've got a fantastic lineup and we'll have our program information up on the website this Friday! Come be a part of this amazing conference!


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