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To Whom It May Concern,

In times such as these when we Americans promote a sense of equality for all and a peaceful life it is a shame when they are interrupted. It is shameful when we have fallen back into times where persons are being separated and not given rights as "normal" individuals, especially in a collegiate atmosphere. Today, Thursday April 6, 2006, Jason Johnson, a sophomore at the University of the Cumberland (formerly Cumberland College) in Williamsburg, Kentucky was expelled on charges that he is a homosexual. This was right before he was going to a production of Shakespeare's As You Like It, in which he was stage manager. Close friends of his have said that the campus has students who regularly scan both and for students who are of deviant behavior and that this is the way that he was "caught." Jason, a well rounded student just like any other, the only difference is that he is homosexual and unafraid. How long must we silence those who are actively living their lives? Please help us. It does not matter if you are a student, newspaper editor, or parent, your voice matters. Please speak out against the injustices that are happening right here in America. Education is being affected, students' lives are being damaged.

Spread the word.

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