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Ganked from Craigslist....haven't we been discussing this a lot lately?

Found this through lysana who found it through someone else, but I thought it was a pretty good post and it says a lot about how most of us feel regarding the issues of various subcultures within the community.


Authenticity and the politicization of sexuality (santa cruz)
Reply to: pers-115635683@craigslist.org
Date: 2005-12-03, 9:06PM PST

All this moronic arguing about bisexuality just goes to show that the queer community is every bit as guilty as the straight community when it comes to labeling and polarizing sexuality. I, for one, think it's abysmally stupid. All credible research on human sexuality shows that orientation (if you can even call it that) occurs across a gradient, and that BOTH lifetime exclusive homos and heteros are most likely minorities. Why exactly are you dykes so threatened by bisexual women? Do you think it makes it harder for you to identify as an exclusive homo? Are you really going to listen to heterosexual banter that asserts that if some women are in the gray area, then all female same sex attraction is a choice?

Surely no intelligent person can look at the world and truly believe that only 100% gay and 100% straight people exist. I get so goddamn sick of hearing this from the gay community, which is one of the many, many reasons why I choose not to identify with it, even though I'm an exclusive lesbian myself. If you've been scorned by a bi woman, get the fuck over it. You're only fooling yourself if you think a relationship with a lesbian is going to be more secure just because she's a homo.

As for these "triads", what the flying fuck do you care if a hetero couple wants to bring another woman into the bed? Shouldn't we be celebrating all expressions of sexuality instead of furthering repressive attitudes under the banner of "authenticity"? If you don't want to sign up to take a cock, then don't. For God's sake, it has nothing to do with your own orientation. I don't see how that attitude is any different than conservatives insisting that gay marriage is somehow going to devalue THEIR marriages.

Please get over your santicmonious selves and quickly find a way to get laid. Clearly a number of you are in desperate need.


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