wayward wanderer (he_wafts_away) wrote in postqueer,
wayward wanderer

Hey. First post here. I have a question for all of you. I ran into a friend of mine today who told me about something happening in Pittsburgh that I hadn't heard about before. Evidently, there's a doctor who's been training or is going to train people who may or may not have a medical background in medicine to work as doctors for the disadvantaged, transfolk, and other societal castoffs. The idea is that these people may not have access to medical treatment due to financial reasons or might be discriminated against by people who see them as deviants. I'm really excited that this is happening, but I wonder if it might become a problem having who may not have a thorough background in medicine doing this sort of thing. I don't have any more specific information about any of this, so I apologize for the sketchiness. I don't have a ton of faith in licensed doctors, a significant portion of whom seem more motivated by money that by helping people in need, so this is really a great big step in the right direction in my eyes. I just wondered what other people thought about this and if this was going on in other cities.

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