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Invention Stage

Quick, tell me some of your favorite slogans like:

~My sexual orientation? Horizontal, usually.
~ Your Silence will not Protect you!
~ I can't even think straight.
~ Let's get one thing straight, I'm not.
~ Straight But Not Narrow
~ Closets are for clothes.
~ I'm not a lesbian but my girlfriend is.
~ I'm not gay but my boyfriend is.
~ Equal rights are not special rights.
~ Homophobia is a social disease.
~ Pink Sheep of the Family
~ Gender is a sex toy.

newbies and oldies sought.

Edit: I am embarassed, but I can't think... you know how, during Wilde's time, they did green carnations and cruising in NY you'd be asked if you were a friend of Dorothy's -- anything more? Anything similar in early lesbian history? I mean, how did our sapphic sisters find each other?

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