БК (b_k) wrote in postqueer,

Advise needed

My friend at University of Illinois received this flier (ignore the first 2 lines in Russian) on campus. Being a lesbian, she obviously got very upset and is wondering what to do. She was also questioning whether the distribution of such materials is allowed on campus. I'm pretty sure that freedom of speech allows this organization to distribute its materials, however, nothing prevents us from voicing our opinion on this matter. So my advise was to discuss the situation with the University GLBTQ organization and develop a plan of action: for example, distribution of fliers presenting our position and addressing point by point the issues discussed in the HOME flier, inviting them for an open debate or something like this. This is my common sense approach but I don't have any experience of campus activism, so I would like to hear the opinions of people who have such experience and could share their wisdom (especially if they've confronted similar situations).
You can respond either here or comment on her original post (although our LJs are written in Russian, obviously we both speak English ;))

Thanks! :)

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