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we're here we're trans we do drag

I find it amazing that in the 26 comment long thread in reaction to our show, where several of the folx commenting either know or know of me and my performances and trajectory from butch-king-ftm AND (how shocking) transking -- there was an unbelievable amount of disrespect and feigned lack of understanding of the simple fact that performing gender does not equal day-to-day gender ID. conflating the 2 and assuming my girlfriend cannot be a queen as a femme and that i can't king as a transman is the kind of ignorance i'd expect anywhere but on this community.

it's called acting, ladies and gentlemen. & in our case we actually really sing and play our instruments. how faux is that? guess if we don't lip-sync we forfeit the right to use the term as well? even tho i've been kinging for longer than the term even existed.

i'm saddened esp. by the people who know me & other ftm kings, femme queens and mtf kings or are themselves drag performers who either commented or are lurking.

Speaking of conflaters of performativity. One of my songs specifically addresses Judith Halberstam who used me when I went by a female name as an example of performing masculinity in both the Drag King Book and Female Masculinity in an offensive and objectifying tho 'favorable' fashion. she never consulted me about it before publication. i did however have the balls to speak directly to her about it, unlike the posters here who never even try asking southernfemme, the poster who happens to be my partner Bebe Gunn about our show. now who's sexist? I promoted this event in several communities and no one took (however passive-aggressively) issue w/ me. I do agree that the femme pretender chapter in Female Masculinity was offensive also, tho how it has ANYTHING to do with our show i don't fathom.

you all need to get out more --- how about coming out to the show. I'd be happy to discuss this further in person and out of drag.

sexism disguised as gender theory posturing and transphobia masquerading as academic sophistication sure don't fit my definition of postqueer.

more like pre-gay.

from the community guidelines:

* Their identity is their identity. Your identity is your identity. Try to use your "I" statements, kids, and let's all be respectful of where eachother might be coming from.

-anderson toone aka buck shot aka frankie tenderloin
transking, get used to it.

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