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Which country has more rights & resources for gays and lesbians? Choose: Mexico or America.

The answer to the subject line is "Mexico", which despite being a catholic based country, has no laws which criminalize homosexuality.
Here is a very interesting page:


To get to the interesting link, you have to click on "gay guide UK and Worldwide." in the leftmost column. Then you will get drop-down menus that allow you to see a rating for each country on gay/lesbian rights & resources. The U.S. gets 3/5 (the same as Turkey!), and Mexico gets 4/5.

Some notable facts about different countries (from best to worst):
 France 5 / 5 A Partnership law passed in 1999 gives extensive legal rights to unmarried couples. There are no laws criminalizing any sexual acts, and the age of consent for all sexual acts is 15. Paris has a vibrant burgeoning gay scene.

Germany 5 / 5 Age of consent is universally 14, and nothing is outlawed. Gay partnership laws give registered couples rights in the areas of inheritance, health insurance, immigration and name change. Public nudity is acceptable, pornography laws are liberal, and prostitution is legal.

Holland (The Netherlands) 5 / 5 No surprise here.

Canada 4.5 / 5 -  Canada gives "civil unions" the exact same rights as marriage.

Spain 4.5 / 5 Despite being a roman-catholic country, homosexuality has been legalized since 1822. Discrimination based on sexual orientation is outlawed. Some partnership laws exist at regional levels

UK 4 / 5 There are several "out" members of Parliament and government officials. Since the Labor party was elected in 1997, gay rights have improved  1.no restrictions on serving in the military 2.for immigration purposes, same sex partners are treated the same as spouses 3.the age of consent for all sexual acts is 16. Several major cities have "Partnership Registers" which can usually be used in immigration, pension, and immigration cases.

Japan 3.5 / 5 - there are no specific laws that outlaw homosexuality, though societal attitudes are not always as positive. Large cities have gay and lesbian scenes, and Tokyo and Sapporo have annual Pride festivals.

U.S. 3 / 5 In 13 states homosexuality is illegal.

Turkey 3 / 5 Though homosexuality is not a criminal offense, there is still a lot of discrimination.

Singapore 2 / 5 Enforcement of sodomy laws is routinely carried out by entrapment using decoy officals.

Egypt 0.5 / 5 "continuing widespread torture and intimidation by police"


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