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The Friday Numerical Series - Five Senses, plus one

1. Sight - post a favorite picture. It can be of yourself or of something/someone that speaks to you.

2. Hearing - What musical genre(s) are you currently listening to? Briefly describe your musical progression and tell us how you got here.

3. Touch - Tell us about your favorite fabric. Why is it your favorite?

4. Smell - What perfume/cologne do you wear? Why do you like it? If you don't wear a scent, what is the scent you love the most?

5. Taste - What food could you not live without? What food do you detest? Why?

6. Text - What sorts of books are you most likely to be found reading these days? Tell us why you prefer SF/non-fiction/historical romances/crop circle speculations/whatever you're reading these days.

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