May 17th, 2010

Me, by Bill

the Vancouver Trans Forum



To the various transsexual, transgender, and genderqueer communities of the Greater Vancouver area:

On the week before Pride (July19th-July 25th), a trans community forum is going to be taking place @ Rhodes Wellness College - 1125 Howe Street Vancouver, BC.

The organizers of this sliding scale (no one turned away) community-centered event envision a bringing together of diverse trans communities, both individuals and service providers, to establish a cohesive vision of what the specific needs of our trans communities are at this exact moment in time---through a focus on health and coalition building.

We see this is an opportunity for trans people, their allies and the health professionals that work with them to create community, hear the needs and concerns of the communities, and to share the skills and knowledge that we all have.

At present we are looking for volunteers and leaders to help out with committees:

- Audio/Video
- Accessibility & Logistics
- Advertising/ Promotion
- Dance/Welcoming/Entertainment
- Funding
- Fund-raising
- Food
- General Volunteer
- March
- Print
- Programming

If you feel you as though you can contribute to any or all, of these committees we encourage you to please join us at one of our next meetings.

May 29, June 12, June 27, and July 11th.
@ the Generations Office.
Suite 610 - 1033 Davie Street.
Buzz 620 at the door to get up.

We look forward to folks of all genders getting involved in this wonderful, community building event!

In Solidarity,
The Vancouver Trans Forum organizing committee

*the Generations Office is wheelchair accessible. There is an accessible washroom on the main floor*

About the Forum: Tentative Structure

Monday night (July 19th) through till Thursday night (July 22nd) there will be a mini trans film fest, to be held at different venues across town.

Friday night will be the official opening of the forum, with a film, keynote speaker, and social events (ie: dance party, board games)

Saturday's panels, workshops, and facilitated discussions will be geared more towards individual trans/gender queer community members. Examples of proposed workshops include: a know your rights workshop, a self defense workshop, and a facilitated discussion on substance use in the trans community.

Saturday night will close with an "all bodies swim night" wherein an accessible pool is rented for all to go swimming.

Sunday's panels, workshops, and facilitated discussions will be geared more towards service providers, health professionals, and individual community members interested in building broad-based coalitions. Examples of proposed workshops include: how to better support trans people working in the sex trade, a panel discussion on the changing policies of university women's centres, and a political strategical session on public bathroom safety.

As the week will be taking place the week before Pride, the collective organizers thought that it would be a nice fit to end the forum with a trans pride march, similar to the ones that happen in Toronto and San Francisco.

***While this community forum seeks to centre trans people, The Greater Vancouver Trans Forum organizing committee recognizes that for most trans people, "trans" is only one aspect of their day-to-day world.

The Vancouver Trans Forum also understands that many trans folk belong to numerous marginalized communities simultaneously.

***Thus Vancouver Trans Forum encourages participation and feedback from persons who experience, combat, wish to speak about: sexism, racism, abelism, poverty and relative topics that involve intersecting forms of oppression.***