February 22nd, 2010

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Hey all. I am going to be doing independent studies at my college next quarter on the following topic. This is what I have so far. If any of you have any advice for reading or just advice in general, I would love to hear what you have to say. Thanks!

Globalized Queer: Postmodern Identities in France and Spain

In this Study Abroad contract I will be exploring the subject of queer identity in postmodern Western Europe, particularly in France and Spain. My studies will revolve around the state of what queer identity looks like in a globalized world, and I will be paying particular attention to these topics: How has globalization and post-industrial capitalism affected queer identities? What are the interactions between nationality, culture, and sexuality? I will also be comparing how queer identities in Western Europe relate to those here in the United States, and what cultural, sociological and capitalistic elements play into these differences and similarities. To get a clearer understanding of this idea, I am going to analyze different cultural signifiers: language, values, and identities, as well as read Denis M. Provencher's Queer French: Globalization, Language, and Sexual Citizenship in France and selections from French and Spanish queer activists and theorists such as Jean le Pitoux's Entretiens sur la Question Gay and Marie-Helene Bourcier's Queer Zones: Politiques des identites sexuels et des savoirs, Javier Saez's Theorie Queer et Psychanalyse, Paco Vidarte's Homografias, and Beatriz Preciado's Manifiesto Contra-sexual and Testo Yonqui.

(There's more to it that involves what I am going to physically be doing and where I'm going to be going, I just thought the questions I'm asking and the material I'm reading would be more relevant to the community.)