November 18th, 2009

Me at Hogwarts

creating a syllabus for social work students on LGBT issues

I am developing a syllabus for a course on LGBT policy for social work students. The class is 15 weeks and needs to cover a wide range of conceptual topics and the relationship between social problems and the social policies that exist to address it (or cause it!).

I was wondering if anyone here might be willing to provide me with some thoughts and suggestions on my outline and/or specific readings that really knock your socks off? "Classics", newer academic works and any essays that may have helped in one's personal journeys are welcomed, as even if I've read things before (e.g. Adrienne Rich Compulsory Heterosexuality as a classic), these sorts of things bear repeating.

I would also be interested to learn about comms where it might be appropriate to post seeking help.

Based on my experience teaching social work students about LGBT issues in a policy advocacy course I created for another school, I must anticipate and meet the needs of students possessing a range of knowledge from "Well I have a gay friend" to "I can give you a better rundown on cissexual privilege and current policy than anyone at this University".

Here is my outline thus far:Collapse )

Any help anyone can provide would be deeply appreciated. And apologies to a comm if this is not appropriate to post. Please let me know.

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