June 30th, 2009

Me, by Bill

A Queery for the LJ Groupmind

Hi Folks,
transition comes with a whole new courage. I want to go to university. At the moment I'm being offered at most a year and half of vocation support at a community collage ('prolly Langara). I'm wondering what kind of programme like that might look good to (and be good prep for) SFU or UBC admissions (I'm thinking Women's/Queer/Trans studies, if I can make it happen). I really don't want to have to move from my mostly happy subsidized coop here in the East End of Vancouver.
I'm 53 year old new trans woman (I've been on HRT for three months) who's been on HIV disability for almost ten years. I was a grade nine drop out and I've never felt that university was within my reach, 'though I've always felt I missed something important. 'Though I do have a problem with dyslexia, I've always done well on my First Aid and internal Forestry exams.

If anyone has any ideas, I'm listening.


I should have mentioned I did get my GED in Ontario in late seventies.
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