April 11th, 2009

scarred wolf

Queer Speakers

I'm looking to find a good speaker, a member of the queer community or maybe an active ally, that would help to bridge the gap between the multicultural and queer student groups on my campus. I'm looking for a speaker, writer, activist, or comedian (or something I haven't thought of). As an example, we were looking at LZ Granderson, though that's a long shot. This needs to be someone a small college has a shot at affording.

Suggestions please! (and thank you.)

EDIT: This came off a bit wrong, I realize. This is just part of a program we're trying to build. We've been talking to some of the other clubs and Greek organizations on campus about doing stuff together. Basically our ideal is LZ Granderson, and I don't think we'll be able to afford him. I say multicultural because the gap I'm trying to bridge is less that between queers and people of color, and more about the gap between the queer and multicultural clubs/groups on campus. Intersectionality has been a buzz word on this campus, and oppression is about so much more than single minorities facing individual prejudices.

(no subject)

In the tradition of the other debunking____ communities, debunkingcis has been started (I'm a co-moderator, along with dashingdeviant). People who stand in solidarity with trans and genderqueer people should join, as well as trans and genderqueer people who are willing to be in that sort of space.

Similar to the other debunking____s, it is (ideally) not a Trans 101 or an Anti-Oppression 101 community. It's for people who have already done the basics of educating themselves, and are looking for more in-depth discussion. (Which, it goes almost without saying, in no way means they are, or should be, immune to privilege checks.)

Feel free to promote the community where you see fit.