February 22nd, 2009


Help from trans folks with survey development

Hey everyone,

I'm in the process of constructing an online survey about being trans in the workplace, but before going through my university's IRB, I wanted to make sure that my demographic questions seemed appropriate to trans people. I need to assess gender identity and gender expression. Do these items seem okay? Would you phrase them in a different way, or add anything else?

2. Gender: ____M-to-F ____ F-to-M _____ Androgynous
_____ Other gender (i.e., genderqueer, gender variant, etc; please list and briefly define):

3. How long have you identified as the gender specified above?
Years ______ Months ______

4. Gender Expression (Your presentation to the public)
_____ Male – Full-Time _____Female – Full-Time _____ Androgynous – Full-Time
_____Other full-time gender expression (briefly describe):
_____ Male – Part-Time _____Female – Part-Time _____ Androgynous – Part-Time
_____Other part-time gender expression (briefly describe):

Thanks so much for any feedback. I want to make sure that I capture experiences accurately!
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I hope this is allowed here... :)

Hi! I wondered if anyone here is from Colorado, specifically the area in or around Denver or Boulder, and can give me some info or tips about the gay club scene in the area. I've done some research online, but it would be great to get some information from people who've actually been to various places, as opposed to just sites that promote a club. I'm especially curious about details like which places cater more to men than to women, or if certain clubs have various "nights", i.e., male-only or mixed, or if there are places that would be of interest to guys in the gay BDSM scene. Any information at all would be helpful, so - where do you all hang out?

Cross-posted here and there; I apologize in advance for any resultant spammage.