December 24th, 2008

epilady in a snit
  • epilady


Look, everyone.

I know the holidays have everyone a little tense, but that's no excuse to completely trample over the community guidelines and allow a post to devolve into madness. A reminder for all:

READ THE COMMUNITY GUIDELINES. No, I double dog dare you. They're rather informative.

• We do NOT tolerate racist language in this community. Period. Consider this a final warning, because doing it again will get you wicked, wicked banned. I'm serious. If you didn't know you were being racist, and a POC tells you so, go do some research and figure out why that might have happened. It's not their job to educate you.

• We also don't allow personal attacks or insults - though by all means, feel free to call people out on their shit.

• We also discourage freezing or other editing of your own posts unless absolutely necessary. Freezing people whose opinions you disagree with is a pretty blatant violation of our guidelines. Don't do it. Seriously.

• If someone's showing their ass in this community and you don't like it, contact a mod. I'm usually available and will take swift action (unless, as this morning, I am out doing last minute holiday shopping). I know, flaming is recreational fun for some on LJ, but that's really not what we set this community up for.

Thank you and happy holidays for those who are holiday-ing,

Your mod