November 13th, 2008


Race and Prop 8

Gays Must Blame Themselves, Not Blacks, for Prop 8

As a black, a gay activist, and a resident of Los Angeles, I watched as Proposition 8, a state constitutional ban on same-sex marriage, was approved by California voters. I also watched how within 24 hours many LGBT activists squarely placed the blame on black residents, who voted 70 percent in favor of the measure.

I further watched and read how black gay protestors opposed to the same-sex marriage ban and in favor of same-sex marriage were called the "N" word during a demonstration march in Westwood.

And finally, I've read how African-American blogger Jasmyne Cannick was assailed by everyone from West Hollywood Mayor John Duran to her fellow LGBT bloggers for her recent Los Angeles Times commentary addressing the impact of race relations within the LGBT community on Prop 8.

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I think this is a good article on race and Prop 8 (from what little I know about it). I was wondering if y'all had any thoughts, comments, or, even better, more info on this subject?