September 2nd, 2008

  • eeka13

Respect for gender identity doesn't apply to prostitutes?

There's a news story running on The Somerville News and Universal Hub in which someone presenting as female was arrested for prostitution, and apparently had identification with a male legal name and male legal sex. No word on whether she presents as female in her daily life, or in her work life only, or what. The papers are referring to her with male pronouns and stating that she is really a man without any indication of how they've come to this conclusion aside from her ID.

Both publications have previously run plenty of stories about people who identify as trans and have been appropriate and respectful of current gender presentation when these people hadn't been charged with prostitution. Regardless of what anyone thinks about sex work, it's a little disconcerting that well-meaning people (I can certainly vouch for the character of the Universal Hub editor) feel that a sex worker has somehow forfeited some basic human rights that these same people ordinarily grant trans folks.
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